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Hi there, friend! 

I'm Hayley with Hope Charged Creative.

Do you ever wonder what gifts to buy for the females in your life?

Or you're tired of buying the same old mundane gifts and are bored of the shopping process?

Or maybe you're not able to make it to Christmas with your relatives this year and you want to send something lightweight in the mail?

If you're having trouble looking for gifts that will bring your loved ones hope, joy, and peace, then you're in the right place.

Our goal with Hope Charged is to create an inspiring collection of Clay Earrings that come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Want a personalized pair? There is a special option to choose the shape and colours you desire.

Or better yet, want a pair of earrings that is one of a kind never to be seen again? All the marbles earrings are unique and can't be replicated.

I believe the best feeling you can have is by spreading hope, joy, and peace through creativity.

And that's what I can do for you.

At Hope Charged I try our hardest to make sure you leave fully charged and expectant for your future. I promise that when you receive your beautiful jewelry in person, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how lightweight and beautiful clay jewelry really is!

Our clay jewelry has the anointed ability to make people around them be filled with hope, joy, and peace. That's why I do what I do! The unique (and trendy) characteristics of each pair of clay earrings will surely make you feel special.​ And you'll never have to fear having a mundane outfit ever again!

My handmade jewelry makes the perfect gifts for girlfriends, trend setters, sisters, daughters, nieces... all girls who want something extra special and unique to wear out. 

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Orders placed by December 10th are more likely to arrive by Christmas.