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Hey babe, I'm Hayley!

Jewelry Designer, Influencer and Content Creator dedicated to spreading hope, joy, and peace via creativity to women and Boutique Owners.

It's so nice to meet you, virtually!

Yes, I'm the maker behind the handmade clay jewelry and accessories found on this website. Actually, fun fact! I made my website too.

Why did I start making clay earrings?

I've loved making jewelry since I was a little girl, but I stopped creating once I hit my preteens and started comparing myself to others. A lot of lies creeped in telling me I wasn't good enough to be creative.

Honestly, I only got back into jewelry making because I was trying to find a unique way to fundraise for a Missions Trip where my husband and I were going to Armenia. The plan was to serve in refugee camps in 2020, but due to the C-word... we never made it!

Thankfully, after five years of working in the digital marketing industry... I do know how to pivot!

My Big Pivot

A born-and-raised "Island girl" with nothing more than passion, a laptop (or iPad!) and a dream to create.

However, it's funny how dreams and creativity are CRUSHED through the process of comparison. Thoughts like, "My handmade goods suck compared to..." will kill your creativity.

Comparison is exactly how I stopped myself from creating while in my preteens. When I started to believe the lie, "I'm not creative" I started working and going to school for all the wrong reasons.

I studied Digital Communications because I thought that my certificate would get me a well paying job in a wealthy industry. And I wasn't totally wrong... you can make a lot of money as a Digital Marketer.

One of the things I’m often asked is
"Why did you stop digital marketing?"


Honestly, after a long five years in that industry, I wasn't happy. I went from a "stable" career in digital marketing to playing with clay all day long... how did that happen?

In 2020, I lost all of my digital marketing clients. A lot of people lost jobs that year, but I was not going to give up.

Instead of moping around jobless... I turned Hope Charged Media into Hope Charged Creative. I jumped ships from marketing to creating real quick!

All the lies that told me I wasn't good enough or creative enough were flushed and I started a creative business. I wouldn't be spreading hope, joy, and peace if it weren't for replacing the lies with the truth. I’m grateful for #Fearless2020 because it helped me conquer the lies that stopped me from creating in the past.


Now, my goal is to inspire others to pursue their creative visions!

Clay Earrings

Do you ever wonder what gifts to buy for the females in your life?


​Or you're tired of buying the same old mundane gifts and are bored of the shopping process?

Or maybe you're not able to make it to Christmas with your relatives this year and you want to send something lightweight in the mail?


If you're having trouble looking for gifts that will bring your loved ones hope, joy, and peace, then you're in the right place.

Our goal with Hope Charged is to create an inspiring collection of Clay Earrings that come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Want a personalized pair? There is a special option to choose the shape and colours you desire.

Or better yet, want a pair of earrings that is one of a kind never to be seen again? All the marbles earrings are unique and can't be replicated.

I believe the best feeling you can have is by spreading hope, joy, and peace through creativity.

And that's what I can do for you.

At Hope Charged I try our hardest to make sure you leave fully charged and expectant for your future. I promise that when you receive your beautiful jewelry in person, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how lightweight and beautiful clay jewelry really is!

Our clay jewelry has the anointed ability to make people around them be filled with hope, joy, and peace. That's why I do what I do! The unique (and trendy) characteristics of each pair of clay earrings will surely make you feel special.​ And you'll never have to fear having a mundane outfit ever again!

My handmade jewelry makes the perfect gifts for girlfriends, trend setters, sisters, daughters, nieces... all girls who want something extra special and unique to wear out. 

Never miss a new trend or collection by connecting with me in the online world of social media and email👇