4 Things I’ve Learned in California

Have you ever wanted to be a master of something, but never stuck to the thing consistently enough to become a master of it?

This is me a lot of the time, not all the time, but a lot of the time I have so many interests it’s hard to master any of them.

Take writing a blog for example... how can someone stay consistent with blogging when life gets so busy? Writing is one of my favorite things to do, but I get stuck when it comes to putting online!

For this reason, I will be doing a writing challenge over the next 4 days. Here I go writing from my favorite room in the house...

1. Challenges help you get started.

This is something I wish I understood a lot sooner. Challenges can be portrayed in so many different ways, but the main idea is to push yourself passed your comfort zone until the current challenge becomes your future norm.

I’ve had a dream of writing since I was a little girl, but the main reason I haven’t stuck to writing a book or consistent blog posts is the fact that I haven’t challenged myself.

How do you challenge yourself?

Is there a type of challenge that mobilizes you more than another? If you're not moving forward then you're most likely standing still.

California has challenged me in so many ways, good ways! I’ll continues to write about those challenges tomorrow during my own four day writing challenge.

2. Fear is a weed that can take over your life if you’re not keeping an eye on it.

When my husband, Scott, and I moved to Redding California I had no idea I was living a life out of fear. We are both currently students at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). Through the teachers at BSSM, God has shown me how destructive living out of fear can really be.

What does living out of fear look like?

Kris Valleton once said, “Fear is faith in the wrong kingdom.” Therefore, if you’re living a life full of stress or anxiety, which it seems like most the planet is right now, then you’re most likely believing a lie.

You can chose to live out of a kingdom of lies or the kingdom of truth. Lies, simply put, go against the truth.

One lie I believed before moving to California was... I am not an artist and never will be. Ouch right?

Who taught me that lie? It definitely was not my parents. My dad was an artist, so I should have looked up to him and thought I could be one too, right?!

I believe that lie came from satan, the evil one, the spirit of lies or whatever you want to call that evil dude. The lies I believed before coming to California we’re not my thoughts. I know that now because I’ve learned the truth.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ‭‭John‬ ‭8:32‬ ‭NIV‬‬

This leads perfectly into the next idea that I have learned since living in California.

3. Knowing my TRUE identity has set me free.

Do you know who you are? Think back to the Lion King movie. Simba loses his identity as King of the Jungle when his evil uncle tells Simba it’s his fault his dad died. That was a lie that chased Simba away from his calling.

I had a series of lies that chased me away from my calling as a Creative and an Artist.

How did I get rid of the lies? I wrote down my thoughts and was surprised to see how many negative thoughts I had about myself and my life. I crossed out every negative thought I had and put a positive thought in their place.

Here is an example:

Lie: I am not an artist because I am not as good as the people around me.

Truth: I am an artist because I view life through different lenses than the people around me. All I need to do is give my self a chance and practice.

My favorite creative activity is designing and making clay earrings. I love the way beautiful earrings make women feel empowered.

I encourage you to try the process of replacing negative lies with positive truths for yourself. Many people have found this to be very healing in their journey back to their true calling. After all, Simba was always King of the Jungle.

4. When you realize your weaknesses you become strong.

How do I know this to be true?

Well, I recently took the Enneagram quiz and found out that I am a number four (Aka the Romantic Individualist). As a four, our weakness is envy.

Honestly, this is a bit vulnerable for me to admit, but I didn’t know what envy meant before I moved to California. I thought it was the same as jealousy, but I was wrong.

When I learned what envy was I started to see envy in so many parts of my life. I was keeping a long list of things that made me envious in my mind. My gut actually hurt every time I experienced envy and it felt like I was getting a stabbed with little envy knifes!

For me, awareness is everything. Now that I am aware of envy, I can stop it from happening and choose an alternative instead. Envy tries to keep you from unity and it was trying to pry into my marriage.

I am stronger now that I choose unity over envy, but I wouldn’t have had this strength if I hadn’t known my weakness.

And that is four things I have learned while living in California!




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