Flying Above the Storm in 2020

Updated: Jul 14

Why it's important to notice patterns in all seasons of your life.

The following pattern really encouraged me in this season of quarantine.

🦅E A G L E S 🦅

Here are some of the encounters we have had with eagles in the last 12 days:

  • A couple nights before Len (my father-in-love) passed away, his wife Pat (my mother-in-love ) painted a beautiful painting. The painting was of birch trees by Pelican Lake with an eagle in a nest. This painting is now in memory of Len, his love for God and nature. He was Pats anchor of love. 💛

  • Isaiah 40:31 came up multiple times since we arrived in Canada. This scripture is the most well known scripture with eagles in it.

  • One day, as Pat was leaving a voicemail 4 eagles flew over our truck. We all laughed historically and realized there was a theme of eagles on the rise. No pun intended.

  • Another day, my bible reading was Exodus 19:3-6. Another scripture highlighting the wings of an eagle.

  • On Facebook I saw another painting with an eagle. This painting was of a ballerina and eagle on fire. For me, fire represents extreme focus. This painting was telling me to focus on eagles in this season.

  • Right after I read Psalm 91, Scott saw an eagle fly down the hill by our cabin.

  • There are 42 scriptures in the Bible that mention eagles or eagle wings.

💡 How did this pattern encourage me in this season?

God is teaching me that through the storms in our lives that He carries us on His “wings.” An eagle’s wing helps him fly peacefully and easily. God’s work is peaceful and easy. God is there to make our burden light. We don’t have to be anxious when we give him our problems.

For an eagle, every storm is a possibility to fly higher. 🎤💧

These are the times in our lives that can look quite dark, but that is when God is so close that we are hiding in the shadow of His wing of protection.

Now that I have written each eagle encounter in my notes, I can see how much God was trying to get my attention. If I had only kept these encounters if my head then it may not have been so obvious that God was trying to teach me something in this storm.

Follow the breadcrumbs and you will find something delicious to chew on. 😉 Signs and wonders are my breadcrumbs.

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