The dreams you have deep within your heart are important. You are the only person who can accomplish your dreams. Never lose your grip on the deep deep dreams that sit in the back of your mind on a day to day basis. The dream that sat deep within my mind growing up was to be creative and have creative freedom. I didn't want to feel comparison or boredom. I hated being mundane! Now, since I chased after the calling deep within me, I can be creative every day. I'm blessed to be able to create beautiful unique things on a daily basis.


These clay earrings are a reminder that your dreams will happen if you don't ignore the deep callings within your spirit and soul. Promise!


My dreams have happened thanks to hope, love, friends, family, faith, determination and passion.

Dreamy Rainbows | Wholesale Clay Earrings

C$24.99 Regular Price
C$17.49Sale Price
Wholesale Colours

⋒ Nickel Free

⋒ Hypoallergenic

⋒ Lightweight

⋒ Artisan Designed

⋒ Perfect Gift For Her

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