Illuminat𝘦 2021 | Spring Collection


Let's spread some love this year! Whether that's through random act's of kindness or a loving message, let's do more in 2021.



  • National Hug Day - Jan. 21st (Recommended clay colour: Lavender - a comforting smell/colour!)
  • National Peanut Butter Day - Jan. 24th (Recommended clay colour: Latte - similar to PB!)
  • Valentine's DayFeb. 14th (Recommended clay colour: Metallic Gold - something special!)
  • Family Day - Feb. 15th (Recommended clay colour: Granite - representing the kitchen when families spend most of their time!)
  • Autism Awareness Day - Apr. 2nd (Recommended clay colour: Ultramarine/blue - #LightItUpBlue!)


Hope you enjoyed seeing which earrings you could wear for special dates of this year!

Spreading Love | Personalized Clay Earrings

Clay Colours

⋒ Nickel Free

⋒ Hypoallergenic

⋒ Lightweight

⋒ Artisan Designed

⋒ Perfect Gift For Her

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